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missionovo Joins Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to share our commitment to the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since 2012, the Tysons Chamber has provided a platform for small businesses to grow together and make an impact in the growing region. The Chamber offers us a grassroots approach to community involvement where it matters most.

What is a chamber of commerce?

A chamber of commerce is an organization that partners with businesses and a local community. Member companies apply to join and upon acceptance can then interact with other companies and community leaders. These companies are typically small businesses. Chambers of commerce tend to serve three primary functions: make a positive impact in the community with charitable activities, connect small businesses together through networking events, and represent local businesses for a collective betterment of the community.

Why the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce?

We chose this one for three main reasons.

1. We want to have meaningful ways to connect with the communities where we live and work.

2. Their core values resonate with us.

  • Prosperity and Growth

  • Equal Opportunities

  • Transparency

3. A number of small businesses we know are members and we have witnessed the impact they have made in the community thanks to the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Anyone who has lived in the DC area will attest to how much the Tysons area has changed over the years. Many of these changes have been influenced in large part by members of the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce. Today, the Tysons area is seen as a thriving, safe, and diverse place to live and work. missionovo is excited to make our impact known as the region continues to evolve and grow.

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