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Year One Retrospective

As we reflect on our first year, the remarkable journey since our company launch continues to prove our business hypothesis. At every decision, we stayed true to our "People First. Mission Always." principles. With intention, we grew both our exceptional team and the number of customers we serve.

Saying "No"

As a small business, it is flattering that we have a lot of applicants that want to join Missionovo. We always look for more than technical qualification and must see demonstrated congruence with our commitment to mission. We owe it to our customers and our team to hire the best. It is also flattering to have customers reach out to us have them join their team, contract, or program. We care deeply about what we do and ensure that every opportunity we support meets our criteria for compelling, meaningful, and honest work. We have said no to many applicants and opportunities and we feel like we are a better company as a result of our focus on what matters most - our people and the work that we do.

Doing More

Several times over the last year we were presented with choices that would have reduced our administrative costs, saved us thousands of dollars on operational expenses, or simplified the way we do business in what was contemplated as a trade for things like: "just one extra step your team members have to take," "it is a similar offering to what they asked for," or "you probably won't notice the difference if you take this away." To the surprise of these providers and partners, we do notice every difference and take every decision that affects our team seriously. One example that illustrates this is how we went about our benefits renewal. As most companies in our industry constantly look to squeeze their offerings, we expanded our benefits package for the renewed period to include increased coverage amounts for existing benefits and added entirely new benefits to our package. We knew we did not have to change our already generous benefits, but did so as a result serving our team in an effort to do more when others would have done less.

Looking ahead to year two, the wind is in our sails. We are beyond excited to see where we go, guided by the same principles that defined our inaugural year. Thank you for being a part of our journey.




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