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2022 Paddle Battle: Pickleball For A Cause

Missionovo is thrilled to announce our inaugural charity event - the 2022 Missionovo Paddle Battle, a charity pickleball tournament to benefit non-profit organizations that make a real impact in our community. The spirit of the event is to bring together friends and families for a good cause and in good fun. All are invited and welcome to register for the food, fellowship, and fun!

No pickleball experience needed or expected - come out and see why it is the fastest growing recreational sport in the country and support a good cause in the process!

All 2022 Paddle Battle proceeds will benefit the Stroke Comeback Center, a community of stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors committed to living successful and productive lives. The Center is the only organization of its kind in the Washington, DC area. C-suite executives, first responders, and professionals of all kinds, just like you, fall victim to strokes and traumatic brain injuries. Hundreds of survivors rely on the Center for their recovery.

Register today and make a difference for good.

Visit or contact us for more information.


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