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missionovo Sponsors Stroke Comeback Center Benefit

We believe in giving back and know that actions speak louder than words. So, this past October, missionovo was proud to sponsor the Stroke Comeback Center's 2021 Benefit of Chocolate. 100% of the money raised from this event benefits the Stroke Comeback Center and we could not be happier to support this amazing organization and the lifechanging services they offer in our community.

Proud sponsor of the 2021 Benefit of Chocolate

“This place is a godsend, I didn’t know what to do when the insurance stopped and they said he was finished. We’ve been coming here over three years and there is definite improvement. He can communicate with everybody now.” - Caregiver of SCC member

Recovery after coverage ends

For most survivors of stroke or traumatic brain injury, insurance coverage for rehabilitative programs ceases after the first couple of years despite evidence that suggests cognitive improvement, however big or small, can occur over several years. Many survivors simply do not have the resources nor the awareness that they can continue recovery programming once insurance coverage stops. That's where the Stroke Comeback Center comes in. The center provides ongoing and personally meaningful programs within a supportive and peer-driven environment that is affordable for all stroke and brain trauma survivors, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential.

It takes a village

Members of the center come from all walks of life - some as young as 22 years old, some in their 80s and 90s. Some members join for a few months and others participate for years. These survivors are lawyers, doctors, nurses, combat wounded veterans, teachers, students, software engineers, business owners, truck driver, and more. Some return to their previous job or find other employment; some find enjoyment with volunteer work or are able to reconnect with their family. All survivors at the center have aphasia or related communication challenges. The center benefits from the talents of professional speech-language pathologists that design and implement programs to help members improve their communication skills.

"TD is wounded veteran with aphasia. After completing the course of care available to him through the military he came to the Stroke Comeback Center with two primary goals: being able to work and returning to his role in the family. He is the proud dad of two daughters. Since joining the Center he has returned to work part time and his family is proud of his success. The staff at the Stroke Comeback Center added an additional goal for him: returning a smile to his face. We see that smile more and more – he has a lot to smile about."

If you know someone who has suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury, click here to learn more about the Stroke Comeback Center and the many resources and programs they have available in our community. The Stroke Comeback Center is regarded nationwide as a leader in post-traumatic and post-stroke recovery programming and is the only organization of its kind in the Washington DC metro area. The Stroke Comeback Center serves their member-survivors at three locations.

Stroke Comeback Center Vienna

145 Park Street

Vienna, VA 22180

Stroke Comeback Center Rockville

50 W. Edmonston Drive

Suite 301

Rockville, MD 20852

Stroke Comeback Center Virtual

Online Group Classes

If you wish to support their amazing cause, click here to donate. Each donation affords stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors recovery programs and a sense of community regardless of their financial situation. All member programs are subsidized by private donations. Members fees cover only 50% of the costs to provide quality programs and over 25% of members attend at reduced fees.

Guests compete for prizes with all money raised benefiting the center.

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